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We had a great time at the Mid-Autumn Festival at Yerba Buena High School this past September 18. 2021. We appreciate all of you who came to visit our booth.  Thank you for stopping by to chat AND make paper lanterns with us!  We are looking forward to future events and hope to see you in our workshops!


Stay tuned for future events and workshops by visiting our Facebook page or Instagram @MekongCommunityCenter.  Take care and stay safe!

Alum Rock Village Farmers Market on every Sunday!

Mekong Community Wellness Center have collaborated with Pacific Coast Farmers' Market Association (PCFMA) since October 2021. It is nice to see families bright and early, ready to shop for produce that are locally grown! "PCFMA was founded in July of 1988. Its mission is to connect California farmers to their local communities... PCFMA currently manages over 50 farmers’ markets, making them the oldest and largest farmers’ market association on the West Coast!". We are grateful for the opportunity that PCFMA has given us because it allows us to connect and engage with our community. Through this, we have met so many wonderful people! 

January 28-29, 2022- Happy Lunar New Year! 

Mekong Community Wellness Center staffs are committed to providing outreach and education on the importance of health and well-being. Staffs joined in on the Lunar New Year celebration at Grand Century Shopping Mall by providing information about our Wellness Center, passing out goodies, and providing an arts and crafts table for children and family to color and make paper lanterns! 

January 23, 2022 -Collaboration with Chopsticks Alley Art

Lina, Case Manager at Mekong Community Center, attended Chopsticks Alley's first session of "Asian Artists Healing Collective" (Aah Collective) at Sanborn County Park. Chopsticks Alley Art "created Aah Collective as a convening place for Asian artists to meet in a natural park setting to address mental health challenges that they faced in times of Covid and systematic racism towards Asian Americans." This event allowed Asian artists to connect through meditation, art, poetry, and honest conversations about mental health challenges faced by the Asian community.  Lina spoke about the impact that culture has on mental health with hopes to increase awareness, erase the stigma, and help strengthen communities.

A Look at Some of our Previous Tabling Events...

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